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Strategies for the best resolution possible in complex divorce situations

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3 things you should do before filing for divorce

Before you file for divorce, it helps to get your affairs in order. Being prepared for the rough time ahead can protect you.

Making the decision to file for divorce is not an easy one. You have probably weighed your options and tried to find an alternative solution, but when divorce is the only answer, you have little choice. Before you take that step in New York, though, there are a few things you should do. Taking the following three step s can help to minimize some of the most common issues that occur during the divorce process and make it easier on you and your family.

Cover your financial needs

A top problem during a divorce, according to the Huffington Post, is one spouse taking all the money or preventing the other spouse from having access to accounts. To avoid this issue, you should set aside some money in a private account to be used to cover your living expenses and bills should your spouse take such actions. It also helps if you get your own personal bank account for direct deposit of your paycheck to stop it from going into a joint account.

Be clear on finances

Another common issue couples have during a divorce is one spouse not understanding the finances of the household. If you do not know how much it takes to maintain your lifestyle, you could face serious trouble once you no longer have your spouse’s income to rely on. Make sure you know how you will take care of the bills once your spouse is out of the picture. Get a good grip on where all the money that comes in goes.

This will also help you to scout out any accounts that you may not know about. Hiding money is a common trick many people use in a divorce. Do not let your spouse do this to you. You have a legal right to part of any money earned during the marriage. If you do not know about it, though, you cannot ask for your share.

Remember the children

Not every struggle during a divorce is about money. As the New York Times notes, if you have children, you need to prepare for how you will ensure their lives are not completely disrupted. They should not have to deal with fighting or being used as pawns. Figure out what steps you will take to minimize the effects of the divorce on them.

Filing for divorce is not an easy thing to do. Preparing beforehand, though, can help to ease some of the strain and problems that many couples face. If you need help or advice about your divorce, contact the Law Office of Virginia Geiss.