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Strategies for the best resolution possible in complex divorce situations

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New York Hosts Divorce Expo

Most people are familiar with the concept of a wedding expo, where engaged couples gather to view the wares of vendors in the wedding industry such as caterers, wedding dress shops, cake makers and photographers. However, in March 2012, New York’s Metropolitan Pavilion hosted the country’s first divorce expo, called Start Over Smart. The event was the creation of Francine Baras and Nicole Baras-Feuer, a mother and daughter duo, after they attended a similar event in Paris. Those who attended got the opportunity to meet with a variety of professionals who assist people going through divorce, such as New York divorce lawyers and financial planners.

Help in the Divorce Process

Start Over Smart showcased over 100 vendors from such professions as law, financial planning and counseling. There were also hairstylists and dating coaches on hand to help people update their appearances and jump into the dating pool again. Experts gave presentations on topics ranging from matrimonial law to how people can investigate potential dates using the Internet.

Life After Divorce

The event’s planners and vendors wanted to use the expo as a way to let people know that there is life after divorce, even though the experience is difficult for those going through it. Their goal in putting on the event was to expose people to tools and resources to help them navigate their ways through divorce and ultimately build a new and happy life afterward. As with many things, the stress of divorce can be lessened with help and guidance from others.

Consult an Attorney

Deciding to get a divorce is never an easy process. People struggling in their marriages need as much information as they can get in order to make the best decision. If you are considering divorce, talk to an experienced divorce lawyer who can discuss your situation with you and lead you through the process.