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3 ways mediation can help you tackle a tricky divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2016 | Divorce

A divorce isn’t easy for anyone, and when children are involved, it’s important to make sure their best interests are kept close to your heart. A long, drawn-out divorce does nothing for anyone except waste time, but for some people, arguments just keep coming up. If you are in a contentious divorce but are open to negotiating with your soon-to-be ex-husband, then you may be able to get through your divorce more quickly with a mediator.

Mediation gives you a chance to become more informed

Mediation uses one neutral third party who can help you and your ex work together to find a solution to your dispute. The mediator meets with both parties independently, or you can choose to meet the mediator at the same time. The mediator can help you understand the legal implications of certain decisions, and since that mediator is not working for one person or the other, the advice will be without bias.

Mediation helps break through stubbornness

It can be easy to shut down and ignore requests from a person you’re fighting with. This draws out the length of a divorce and makes it difficult to move forward. With mediation, the mediator can actually be the go-between, keeping you apart and delivering only facts about what the other party wants. This can help eliminate some of the stubbornness or emotional toll of the situation, because you can spend more time working on the problem without getting into a n argument with your ex.

Mediation can help resolve concerns about custody

If you’re having concerns about the visitation rights you are being told you could receive, mediation can help you put those concerns to rest by giving you a place to discuss your feelings openly with a neutral third party present. The mediator may be able to help you discuss the visitation or custody arrangement you’d like and compare it with what your ex wants to do.

These are just a few ways mediators can help. With the right support, you and your spouse can get through divorce and move on.

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