Strategies for the best resolution possible in complex divorce situations


Family Law Overview

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My Brooklyn law firm provides empathetic and practical divorce and family law services to clients throughout New York City. I offer extended hours by appointment, accept credit cards and can arrange payment plans if necessary.

Queens Lawyer, Offering Family Law Representation to Clients Throughout New York City

As an experienced lawyer, I am dedicated to finding the best possible resolution on behalf of my clients. Please contact my firm to schedule a consultation regarding any of the following family law matters.

  • Child support : I provide help to people with high-asset and complex child support concerns. This includes addressing support issues as they relate to college and private school tuition. Other issues I assist with include support enforcement and paternity.
  • Child support modifications : I represent parents who are seeking modifications to existing child support orders and those who wish to contest proposed changes. Modifications may be granted if there has been a significant change in material condition.
  • Child custody and visitation : My many years of experience working with children in the legal system have provided me with a wide base of knowledge about how the law affects parents and their children. I also provide assistance with issues involving grandparents’ rights.
  • Child custody modifications : Changes can be made to child custody orders. I can protect your parental rights and the best interests of your children as modifications are sought.
  • Relocations and move-aways : Are you the custodial parent who wants to relocate with your children? Or, are you the noncustodial parent who wishes to stop this action? Let my firm help you.
  • Uncontested simple divorce : In an uncontested simple divorce, the parties are able to agree on all issues.
  • Contested divorce : In a contested divorce, the parties disagree on at least one of the issues. In many cases, they disagree on several.
  • High-asset divorce : Divorces involving substantial assets and property present unique challenges such as business valuation and division of partnership interests or stock options.
  • Property division and debt division : In New York, property, assets and debts undergo an equitable distribution. As your attorney, I can ensure marital property is properly identified and your rights are protected.
  • Spousal support/alimony : Depending on several factors related to the marriage and the individual spouses, one spouse may be entitled to receive financial payments from the other upon divorce.
  • I.D.V. cases : Prior to the establishment of Integrated Domestic Violence (I.D.V.) Courts, families would often need to appear in different courts for different issues. The establishment of I.D.V. courts allows for one judge to gain familiarity with each family’s specific issues.
  • Domestic violence : I provide effective legal help to people who are victims of domestic violence as well as those who have been accused of domestic violence. I represent individuals in criminal court and family court.
  • Orders of protection : I help victims of domestic violence obtain orders of protection as well as provide defense to those who have been served orders of protection.
  • Child neglect and abuse : My firm provides caring and effective legal services to parents who have been charged with child abuse and neglect.
  • Juvenile delinquency : I provide juvenile crime defense to minors in family court. I focus on rehabilitative efforts for juveniles charged with crimes such as robbery, assault and sex crimes.

If you are interested in learning more about my firm’s family law services or arranging a consultation, please contact me, a Queens family law attorney, today.

Virginia A. Geiss