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Child Neglect & Abuse


Brooklyn Child Abuse Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of child neglect and abuse, you need an attorney to help defend you against these accusations. My firm provides child abuse defense that is tailored to your needs. I have been handling child abuse and neglect cases in Brooklyn since 1980 when I worked at the Legal Aid Society of New York City. I am skilled at defending parents charged with child neglect and abuse, and provide experienced and vigorous advocacy for my clients.

If you are a parent in need of defense against allegations of child abuse, contact the Law Office of Virginia Geiss today to arrange a consultation. I can provide you and your family with the empathetic, practical and understanding representation you deserve.

Helping you achieve your goals

I recognize that although each situation is different, all cases involving allegations of child abuse and neglect must be handled with skill and compassion. Through my work as a lawyer with the Legal Aid Society, I am familiar with court procedures, the law and local judges. I am sensitive to the issues parents face. My ultimate goal is to work toward your child’s best interest while keeping your family together.

Experienced and effective child abuse defense

If you have been charged with child abuse, including physical or emotional abuse, I understand this is a difficult time. I can explore the options available for your specific situation. These options can include helping you implement services so your children can return home, temporarily placing children with caring family members and helping you get the support services you require.

To learn more about the child abuse defense services provided at my Brooklyn firm, contact my office today to arrange a consultation.