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Child Support Modifications


Brooklyn Child Support Modifications Attorney

I make every effort to secure enduring divorce settlements on behalf of my clients. However, the simple truth is that life changes. People remarry, lose jobs, go back to school and change their financial situations in many ways. When a change of circumstance arises, one parent may seek a modification to the existing child support order. My Brooklyn law firm strives for fair determinations of child support modifications.

The Law Office of Virginia Geiss offers practical family law solutions. I can help you resolve your child support modification issue ― whether you are requesting the change or you oppose the change. To learn more, contact me and schedule your consultation.

What Merits Child Support Modifications?

Child support modifications can arise from many types of changes in a parent’s financial status. For example, one parent may remarry, obtain a significant increase in salary or lose his or her job. Or, circumstances may change in the child’s life. Perhaps the child requires more financial support for medical care or school.

My law firm is dedicated to ensuring parents receive fair treatment under the law and children receive the financial care they require. As your attorney, I advocate for you and your children’s best interests. If a change in circumstance warrants a modification, I proceed on your behalf.

Do you have a question or concern about child support modifications? Whether you are the parent who pays support or the parent who receives support on behalf of your children, I can help. Contact me to schedule an appointment at my Brooklyn law office. For your convenience, I offer day and evening appointments. I promptly return phone calls and e-mails, even outside of normal business hours. I will be accessible to you for the entirety of your case.