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I.D.V. Cases


Brooklyn Integrated Domestic Violence Case Attorney

My experience representing individuals and families extends throughout virtually all areas of family law, including the highly sensitive area of domestic violence. Prior to creation of Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) Courts, criminal charges involving domestic violence would be handled in Criminal Court, and issues such as custody, visitation and support would be handled in Family Court. The recent establishment of IDV Courts allows one family and one judge to be involved in both the criminal and divorce aspects of a case.

My Brooklyn firm provides experienced legal representation to victims of domestic violence in Integrated Domestic Violence cases. My firm also represents alleged abusers in I.D.V. Court defense. Contact the Law Office of Virginia Geiss today to learn how a skilled lawyer can help you.

One judge for one family

Integrated Domestic Violence cases were introduced statewide in 2003. IDV Courts benefit families by allowing one judge to hear multiple issues. Prior to IDV Court, criminal, family and matrimonial issues were heard in different courts. Families would often find themselves traveling to a series of different courts for different issues. However, these issues were in fact related. Now, if a family is experiencing multiple issues such as domestic violence, child custody and divorce, one judge can represent one family.

I provide strong legal advocacy for my clients during these stressful and emotional times. I understand the various issues that confront a family, and am able to provide valuable legal assistance to you and your family during this time. Contact my Brooklyn firm to arrange your consultation.