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Strategies for the best resolution possible in complex divorce situations

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Property Division & Debt Division


Brooklyn Property Division Attorney

Important decisions regarding property, assets and debts are made during the divorce process. When your divorce is finalized, you want to walk away knowing that your attorney did everything she could to ensure these decisions were made in your best interests. After all, property division decisions can form a new foundation for you and your children.

At the Law Office of Virginia Geiss in Brooklyn, I offer practical family law solutions. I can help you work through the various issues involved in property and debt division. I can ensure you walk away from the process knowing I protected your rights and best interests every step of the way. Would you like to learn more? Contact me and arrange your consultation.

Your Assets Are Protected During Divorce

New York’s property division laws require that all assets are frozen when a divorce is filed. You will have access to assets that allow you to cover living costs; anything beyond that is frozen. This ensures your spouse does not spend the money, transfer money or act dishonestly while your case progresses.

What Is Marital Property? What Is Nonmarital Property?

As your attorney, I am happy to answer any questions you have regarding marital and nonmarital property. Generally, nonmarital property was acquired prior to marriage. Marital property was acquired during marriage. The same characterization is used to determine marital debt and marital assets. Property, debt and asset division can involve various complexities. For example, the marital home may have been purchased by one person prior to marriage. After marriage, both people contributed to the mortgage. Or, a credit card in both names may have been used primarily by one person.

My law firm can identify the different types of property, assets and debt. It is critical that property, assets and debts are properly valued to ensure a fair division. As an equitable distribution state, New York divides property, assets and debts “equitably” ― not equally. You can feel confident that I am well-equipped to secure the best possible outcome for you.

Contact me to schedule an appointment. For your convenience, I offer day and evening appointments at my Brooklyn law firm. I promptly return phone calls and e-mails, even outside of normal business hours. I will be accessible to you for the entirety of your case.